5/20/20: A beautiful day

It’s a spectacular, perfect day outside – sunny, 63F, low humidity. It’s perfect little jacket weather. You know – when you say “Well, it’s gorgeous outside but I just need a little jacket.” So I wore my little jacket, and my sunglasses that are almost cat eyes but not quite, and my new mask that does not dig into my eyeballs at all, which is awesome.

I feel kind of weird going out for walks. It’s so great to see other people, but it feels like a guilty pleasure. I did test negative a couple of days ago, so that’s a bit of a relief. But there’s no telling what might happen tomorrow. Things are opening up a little bit now, but there’s still that constant worry, like a splinter under your nail that you just can’t quite reach.

Of course I brought my iPod shuffle along on my walk. I may be one of the few people left in the country who still uses one. I like being able to randomize my music. Plus, unlike my phone, the iPod is tiny and it isn’t the end of the world if I drop it. (This is not an endorsement of iPod, by the way.)

The first song that came up was “Stay Put” by Waldeck, and it was just perfect. Kind of bouncy but not too much. Mellow with a little edge. Gorgeous singing, too. And great soloing from the trumpet, keys and guitar.

Then it was “Little Willy,” by the Sweet. Instrumentalists, this is a great song to learn – it’s easy, but there’s a key change in there just to keep it interesting. At this point in the walk, I was out there in my little jacket trying not to dance down the street.


As I was approaching home, “Orange” by Ken Nordine came on. It was perfect because I love orange, and the song was fun and made me happy.


Throughout every crisis in my life, music has been a refuge; a place I can escape to for a little while. After 9/11, I could only listen to Bach’s solo cello suites. During Hurricane Sandy, in which my apartment was destroyed, I remember sitting in a van with some fellow escapees and singing along to Lou Rawls at the top of my lungs.

For me, music a wonderful, healing place to go. I hope everyone out there has something like this to help them through this awful time, whether it’s music, books, art, yoga or time with friends and loved ones.



Image by Elizabeth Walsh

Published by Elizabeth Walsh

I love music. I listen to it, I compose it, I play it, I write about it. This is more or less a bunch of songs I really like, or dislike, or just can't get out of my head. More info about me and what I do is at www.elizabethwalsh.org.

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