2/2/19: Groundhog love

Every year, a bunch of poor groundhogs who never asked for any trouble get dragged out of their nice warm burrows by a bunch of humans in top hats. And then these very humans demand that the groundhog predict the overall weather pattern for the next six weeks. This is a very difficult task even if you do have opposable thumbs, which groundhogs don’t.

I have encountered a few groundhogs in my time, and I would recommend giving them a wide berth; they’ve always seemed pretty grumpy to me. And don’t let them drive.

Even if they can be cranky, they certainly deserve some respect. And maybe some other species can take over as resident animal meteorologist. And I’m going to play some sunshine-y songs in honor of these misunderstood rodents.




Published by Elizabeth Walsh

I love music. I listen to it, I compose it, I play it, I write about it. This is more or less a bunch of songs I really like, or dislike, or just can't get out of my head. More info about me and what I do is at www.elizabethwalsh.org.

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