4/4/16: Monday Funday Dance Party!

Written by Randy Newman, the original version of “Mama Told Me Not to Come” was recorded by Eric Burdon, and of course Three Dog Night had a big hit with it in 1970. But right now, this version by Tom Jones + Stereophonics is my favorite.

Great, great, singing, and I love the guitar solo. Great outro, too.

In the intense research process that goes into my weekly “Monday Funday Dance Party” selection, I came across this video featuring Tom Jones, Luciano Pavarotti, and a large choir of small children, performing “Delilah.”

Two things come to mind:

1.) When it comes to personal aplomb, not to mention vocal projection, Pavarotti has nothing on Mr. Jones. Nothing.

2.) Why did they pick a song about infidelity and murder for a large choir of small children to sing? Just curious.

Photo by Miika Silfverberg, Creative Commons License 2.0

Published by Elizabeth Walsh

I love music. I listen to it, I compose it, I play it, I write about it. This is more or less a bunch of songs I really like, or dislike, or just can't get out of my head. More info about me and what I do is at www.elizabethwalsh.org.

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